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September 19, 2017
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September 28, 2017

Google Launches New Mobile Web Specialist Certification for Developers

Google has introduced a new certification programme for mobile developers. As the market has been crowded with many good and talented developers; this course will help developers in setting themselves apart from others. They will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to create responsive and flexible web applications.

The course has been titled as ‘Mobile Web Specialist Certification’, and it is part of the company’s existing certification programmes for Android Developers, Data Scientists and cloud architects.

The developers will have to go through an open book examination to earn the certificate. The cost of the certification program is 99$. Like other certification exams, developers have to solve many coding challenges during the test. There will be a 10-minute exit interview as well. The duration in which developers would have to solve coding problems is 4 hours. There are three attempts allowed if anyone is not able to pass the test in first go.

Here is how one can exercise their three stabs:

  1. If one has not passed the test in the first attempt, he /she may immediately retake the exam.
  2. If one is not successful in the second attempt as well, then he/she will be eligible for the third attempt after two months.
  3. If after three attempts, one is still not able to pass the exam then he/she will have to wait for six months to take the exam. And since all three attempts have been completed a payment of 99$ again will be required.

Following are the topics covered in the test:

  1. Basic Website Layout and Styling
  2. Front End Networking
  3. Accessibility
  4. Progressive Web Apps
  5. Performance Optimization and Caching
  6. Testing and Debugging
  7. ES2015 Concepts and Syntax
  8. Mobile Web Forms

Note:- A Study Guide has been provided that can be helpful to test-takers in passing the test.

Benefits of Mobile Web Specialist Certification

Once a Developer passes the test, he/she will be awarded a ‘digital badge’ to display on his social media profiles and resume. The Purpose of this badge is to showcase their expertise and have the edge over other potential employees.

Although, it is an untested program at the moment and it is still a matter of discussion how this test will be helpful to developers in hiring and interviewing decisions. According to Sarah Clark, a program manager for web developer training at Google; if you earn your Mobile Web Specialist Certification, then you will be given a digital badge to display on your resume and social media. Also, as a member of Mobile Web Specialist Alumni Community, you will be given access to program benefits which will be focused on increasing your visibility as a certified developer.

Find more about the certification here.

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