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A website is of utmost importance in the current era. With the evolution of e-commerce; everyone wants to setup their online business for the products as well as services. Vineet Kumar Singh is a full stack developer in the suburbs of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Along with core PHP, he has also developed websites on different CMS and Framework of PHP such as Wordpress, Magento, etc. Wordpress is a CMS while Magento is an MVC framework.

WordPress Development

Wordpress was mainly started for blogging, and it was being utilized so in previous years. But, with the popularity of WordPress, their team launched cms of full capacity. Now, one can set up its blog on WordPress or develop an excellent website using its unique features. It is quite easy to handle and can be customized to a great deal. If you want to make a website using this great cms then go ahead and help yourself. You might find several tutorials on the web to quickly set up a website using wordpress. But in any case, if you want your site to have advanced functionality or customization which requires custom coding in wordpress core and themes then you need professional help. Don’t worry; Vineet Kumar Singh is here to provide you his expert consultation. Your search for a good web developer and designer in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon ends here.

E-commerce Website Development

Ecommerce sites have been a sensation of the current time. These sites have changed the conventional way of buying and selling. Now, users browse through their favorite E-commerce website that is providing the required products. After seeing a fair deal with affordable prices, they order the product online and enjoy the home delivery of the product. In short, users can buy their choice of product just with a single click. This comfort in buying and selling is possible only because of evolved e-commerce websites. An excellent opportunity for developing e-commerce websites is Magento.

Magento Development

Magento is an open source platform for ECommerce development written in PHP. It is one of the powerful ecommerce platforms and is changing the ecommerce businesses forever. Many ecommerce websites are built on Magento and they have been performing quite well.

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