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September 26, 2017

How to install WordPress

How to Install Wordpress

Wordpress is open source cms software which is used to create beautiful blogs and websites. Initially, it was developed only to set up blogs in easy steps. Later its makers saw a great potential in this piece of software, and they launched more advance version. This preliminary version was capable of developing excellent websites with complex functionalities. Since then most of the websites are running on WordPress. Using this wonderful software one can easily set up their website and blog within minutes. Installing too is straightforward. Before installing you must keep following things in mind.

  1. PHP – You must have basic knowledge of core PHP and how it works.
  2. Database – My SQL is the most popular database used along with PHP. You must know how to create database and user.
  3. You should have an understanding of how programming works.
  4. It would be great if you have developed a basic website on core PHP.

If you are well aware of above four points, then you are ready to go. And, if you are little fuzzy about the given points above then gather some knowledge about how XAMPP (For Windows users) or MAMP (For MAC users) works?

Here are the simple steps to install WordPress on XAMPP:

  1. Go to Wordpress official website to download the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Now unzip the downloaded file in zipped version.
  3. Now go to XAMPP -> htdocs and create a new folder say 'testwordpress'.
  4. Paste the extracted files in step2 to 'testwordpress'.
  5. Open your browser and open phpmyadmin by opening http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Create a database. You can name it anything, but you have to remember the name for further steps.
  6. As we know root is the default user for XAMPP and password is blank (space) so we need not create a user.
  7. It’s time for real fun now. You are about to install your first WordPress site. Go to your browser and what was the name of the folder that we created in the third step? Yeah, it was 'testwordpress'. So, open http://localhost/testwordpress and hit enter.
  8. You’ll see a language selection page. Choose your language and hit continue.
  9. On next page, there will be installation instructions. Just glance the five listed items and click Let’s Go.
  10. Now, remember the database name that you created in the fifth step and fill the form that is in front of you and click submit.
  11. If all the information provided by you is correct, then you’ll see a congratulation page with a button ‘Run the Install’. In this step, WordPress will create tables in the database and send you to the last step of installation.
  12. In this step, you have to decide the title of your website and create an admin user for the site. Fill the form and hit Install WordPress button.

Now, there will be a success page mentioning username and password (hidden) of the newly installed WordPress website.

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Vineet Kumar Singh is a freelance website developer in Delhi NCR. He has total experience of 3 years in the field of Website Development. Writing blog is one of his passion.